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KrakenSDR Web Interface

KrakenSDR is controlled via an easy-to-use web interface accessible via a WiFi connection.


With this interface it is possible to set the frequency, gains, and other advanced settings. You can also monitor the live-spectrum view and output graphs from the direction-finding algorithm.

Open Source Core Software

All core software including the DAQ and direction finding, and GNU Radio blocks are released as open source on our GitHub for all to learn from.

GNU Radio Block

KrakenSDR can be used with the powerful GNU Radio framework for implementing advanced custom applications.

Our open source block receives coherent data from our Heimdall DAQ server, resulting in up to five coherent streams available in GNU Radio.

Cloud Mapping Software

KrakenSDR customers will soon have access to our cloud mapping software 'KrakenSDR RDF Pro'.


With KrakenSDR RDF Pro you can combine bearings from multiple geographically distributed fixed and mobile KrakenSDR stations.

Having 2-3 or more fixed stations at appropriate geographic locations will allow users to instantly determine the location of a transmitter (assuming no significant multipath effects).

KrakenSDR RDF Pro is currently in alpha and available at


Radio Direction Finding

With a KrakenSDR and our set of five magnet mount antennas, locating any transmission source between 100 MHz to 1 GHz is a breeze. 

  1. Mount the antennas on your vehicle

  2. Start the KrakenSDR software and Android mapping app

  3. Drive until the mapping software pinpoints the transmitter. It can even provide turn by turn directions!​